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Real estate: Abrupt "brake" in construction


An increase of 65%-70% has been recorded on average in the cost of new housing construction from mid-2021 to date due to the successive crises, first the disruption caused by the pandemic in the supply chain and then the war in Ukraine. At the same time, as real estate market executives report, there are also phenomena of speculation by a portion of material trading companies, while the increase in labor costs is also vertical. the offer on the market", note the construction industry bodies.

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Investments in Greece


Dear friends and partners, Good evening from the wondrous island of Crete and the beautiful city of Rethymno! Hopefully, our email finds you and your beloved ones, all well! Greece, what a beautiful word to hear! As most of the people know, Greece is mostly known as a destination for summer holidays and most tourists come to the islands in summer months to enjoy all the positive features that Greece has to offer them. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Greece, due to the recovery fund as well as the subsidies, favors the creation of many tourist projects with an interest rate of only 1.5%! In addition, we would like to mention that our company cooperates with exclusive consultants and it is equally important to mention that it is united with one of the best banks in Greece, Eurobank! The bank of Eurobank is able to make all the necessary recommendations as well as help you by providing you with organization for any project.

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