Corporate Profile

The Leading Crete Property Developer since 1999 Domisi Developments design and builds high quality, modern residential estates. Offers property management services and provides options for commercial use. A complete range of services that makes our solution a safe and high valued investment.

The well-known company, Domisi Development, was started by Mr. Stavros Kapetanakis, who studied civil engineering and specialized in the design and construction of detached houses and tourist complexes! He started his career working, designing and creating properties for other owners. In the course of his career he found several times that his ideas and his original way of construction could not be implemented due to different wishes of the owners. After many trips around the world as well as in Europe, he realized the value and quality of life that a detached house offers you, in a very beautiful environment, meaning having your own space, such as a beautiful garden as well as a breathtaking view! Domisi Development is a family company, which created from Mr.Stavros Kapetanakis and his wife Ms. Rena Koutsaledaki, after hard work and pride! With the passage of time, Mr. Michalis Kapetanakis, the brother of Mr. Stavros was added to the administration. Over the years, the company has created more than 400 detached houses in the area of Crete since 1999! Throughout the course of the company over the years, the biggest part of its success is its happy and loyal customers! Moreover, one can find many of the customer testimonials in the Portfolio of Domisi Development! It is worth mentioning that Domisi Development, despite the company’s office in Rethymno, branched out in Athens, Holland and is looking forward to expanding with nine additional offices to more countries around the world! The company has evolved and continues to pioneer after going through two very big crises, the Greek financial crisis and the Covid-19 crisis! The goal of Domisi Development is to create selected detached houses as well as tourist complexes in conjunction with Creteholidayhome which manages them so as to create unique villas under the golden Cretan sun and surrounded by "Mother" nature! Furthermore an ambition goal for the company is to create low environmental footprint homes with minimal to zero energy consumption! The properties built by the company belong to energy class A and the energy footprint it leaves is very small! It is worth mentioning that Domisi Development takes care of the materials it uses so that they do not burden the environment! In this way, it helps people to live close to nature without altering the physiognomy and without exhausting the urban planning limits, which aim to see happy people and to feel that you have offered something to your place as well as to the environment itself! Finally, we should mention that Domisi has developed and continues to develop the Real Estate sector as a certified broker! The company is made up of engineers, lawyers, so that it can take over and dispose of real estate throughout Greece. Finally, some of the properties are managed by the Creteholidayhome Company so that I can bring some profit to the investors! Αs well as retaining the harmony between building and the natural environment. We nurture an open and collaborative relationship with our clients and have a varied portfolio of building design.

We nurture an open and collaborative relationship with our clients and have a varied portfolio of building design. We deal with customers from all over Europe who wish to take advantage of a safe and friendly lifestyle away from the stress of modern every day living.

We are known for our ability to choose the best solution regarding the style of building. Each site has its own special character that reflects the calm environment of the sea and the beauty of the rural countryside.

Specialised departments manage:

  1. Architectural and structural design
  2. Building construction
  3. Interior design
  4. Property Management

Along with providing a reliable and consistant service, we are continually updating our building techniques to provide you with sale and cost effective building solutions.

Domisi Development is definitely the best move for someone who wants to make an investment. High quality construction, aesthetic value and carefully chosen sites, both inside and outside towns and villages, guarantee the growth of the building's value.

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